Agnieszka Krukówna: biography

Agnieszka is an actress who is a perfect representative of the generation of people in their 30's. We have warm feelings while we are recalling our childhood memories. All of us remember her as a title Janka an Asia in "Urwisy z Doliny Młynów". She graduated from the National Theatre School in Warsaw in 1995. Her debut in front of camera took place in 1984 when she was only 12. Directors admitted that she was one of the best actors of young generation almost like lightening.

"Sometimes she reminded me of the marvellous small animal created when she is acting. I adore her. Nobody among us knows her limits of the stamina". - Marek Kondrat says.

Her artistic output is extremely valuable. She started out in the film "Panny" (1984). She became well-known thanks to previously mentioned "Urwisy z Doliny Młynów" and "Janka". Her acquaintances persuaded her to study at theatre school

While she was studying, she played in such films as "Schindler's list" directed by Steven Spielberg, "Dama Kameliowa" directed by Jerzy Antczak and "Kolejność uczuć" directed by Stanisław Piwowarski. All of this above mention films were the only foretastes of the incoming film career.

She joined team Warsaw "Teatr Powszechny" in 1996. From now her dreams have coming true; she started appearing on the stage and in front of the camera. She has been receiving many roles in the films. The role of Maryśka Jurewicz in TV series "Boża podszewka" (directed by Izabela Cywińska) that won viewers' hearts made her popular. The next her role in "Farba" (directed by Michał Rosa) proved she is the versatile actress. Her role of the tacky girl who is similar to heroines of "Popcorn" and forty something Maryśka, that she played, were different as chalk and cheese. This film character was appreciated by everybody. She was awarded with Orzeł - the Polish Film Award for the best female role. Only one year later she was nominated to the same award for a role in the movie "Fuks".

Her successes proved that she is a great actress who treats acting very seriously. Agnieszka is a person who, is conserve, spontaneous and honest. She thinks seriously and appreciates her gift. She has worked since 11, that's why she needed to take a break in playing in films and TV series, however she still plays at the theatre.

This time of break from the cinematography helped her to understand herself, her needs, to keep distant from acting. During this time she was contemplating her further carrier, she became mature, she is aware of herself, she looks in the future and can see... the film. She is ready to back in front of cameras in the spotlight. She is open to the new propositions, roles that she will use to prove how fantastic actress she is.